How the EMAGNET project started | 2015

A few years ago I started to collect passwords through various websites, mainly it was via hacked-emails.com that I collected all the passwords via the RSS feed, but suddenly one day in june 2017 (yeah I remember that day) then they didn't updating their rss flow anymore and they also added cloudfare so it become much harder during that time to grab things from this page - it seems (2019-03-08) it still stuck on June 2017 on the rss feed.

Then I had to come up with something on my own since I do not want to depend on others and if their page or site going down I don't want to get stuck and miss alot of leaks.

During the time more sites similiar to Haveibeenpwned was founded and I understood that from somewhere they collect all the dumps but they were not fast enough even media is faster to report MAJOR dump leaks on the net then these page got the leaked email addresses added to their db.

If you will compare Emagnet with their updates, then you will notice how much faster it become find leaked passwords.

So when the rss did it last update/refresh and when I got no answer from the owner of the page since I have sent several emails to him about the RSS feed and wanted know what's up with the feed I never got an answer so then I decided to create my own tool which today is released as open source code under GPL v3.0 under the name Emagnet wich got it's name from when a friend said "I wish we could find the leaked passwords like an magnet grabs cobolt things again" so then I though E(magnet) would be cool to use as name.

Emagnet has been created to be able to keep statistics on leaked passwords and mail addresses and was NOT founded for collect accounts to hack.

Emagnet is 2019-03-08 in top 3 list of best tool online to grab passwords and email addresses leaked on pastebin.com. If there is an email-address with or without a password leaked on pastebin emagnet will grab it with 100% guarantee!