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Authors and developers cannot be held accountable.

Since 2018, EMAGNET has been a hot topic among "ethical hackers" who have claimed that EMAGNET devs can be held responsible for the actions of its users. However, it is clearly stated in the readme that developers, including "developers" specifically, cannot be held responsible for what users do.

EMAGNET was created for a legal purpose. This has caused ethical hackers to despise the tool, mainly because it encourages users to use "haveibeenpwned," which censors passwords. The developers of EMAGNET believe this is unjust. They think that everyone has the right to access their passwords or no one should have access. The owner of the project works for Microsoft and took up EMAGNET as a hobby project. It is questionable why they would have permission to access users' passwords and be allowed to sell API access for something that the users themselves do not have access to when searching for their own email.

On two occasions, they overlooked the text under the "NOTICE" section (in 2018, when EMAGNET's hosting server was seized due to some problems with archivists, who were ultimately proven wrong, and again in April 2023). There is no reason or requirement for anyone to make the text clearer. It is sufficient that the information is in the readme, and it is the users' responsibility to read through the entire text carefully.

The author was seized the last time but won in court.


EMAGNET emerged victorious in 2018 and 2023. The court fully supports the developers.

EMAGNET has gained significant prominence due to the numerous stars and websites that have written about it.

To continue supporting the project, which is still alive, we would like to express our gratitude to all users who have given the project a star. It means much more to us than just a project!

  • ETHICAL HACKERS (Police/Feds): 0

This text will not remain here forever; it will be removed. However, it will be visible in the commit history. We wholeheartedly stand behind EMAGNET 100% around the clock.

It seems that they have started increasing their activities online. Just 10 days ago, Mullvad VPN was subjected to a search warrant in Sweden.

In an earlier version of EMAGNET, there was support for VPN, specifically for Mullvad, as the creator is extremely concerned about user safety. There is only one VPN provider, other than self-hosted, that you can trust and that stands by their word. Show them your support!

  • Quoted from Mullvads blog, read more HERE

Mullvad VPN was subject to a search warrant. Customer data not compromised 20 April 2023 NEWS

On April 18 at least six police officers from the National Operations Department (NOA) of the Swedish Police visited the Mullvad VPN office in Gothenburg with a search warrant. They intended to seize computers with customer data.

In line with our policies such customer data did not exist. We argued they had no reason to expect to find what they were looking for and any seizures would therefore be illegal under Swedish law. After demonstrating that this is indeed how our service works and them consulting the prosecutor they left without taking anything and without any customer information.

If they had taken something that would not have given them access to any customer information.

Mullvad have been operating our VPN service for over 14 years. This is the first time our offices have been visited with a search warrant.

You can find Mullvad's GitHub here ❤️


The original and most used website for sharing code and other kinds of text is known under name Pastebin and now we can with 100% guarantee sure say they are giving out information about all your logins, ip addresses, phone numbers and mail addresses and access to all private pastes to the government in case of suspicion of crime, in Sweden there is a new law that allows secret data reading, which required less burden of proof (therefore please read an older post from my blog here) has come to our knowledge through what is described at top on this page. They try to save themselves and automatically delete their filters since before and now they don't take any personal responsibility. Use it with extreme caution as a member.

First they screwed the users by removing recents from the page and disabling PRO membership for users (read below) and now they have gone even further.

This 'latest news' will be removed at any time but can be found in commit history fyi.