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Authors and developers cannot be held accountable.

Since 2018, EMAGNET has been a hot topic among "ethical hackers" who have claimed that EMAGNET devs can be held responsible for the actions of its users. However, it is clearly stated in the readme that developers, including "developers" specifically, cannot be held responsible for what users do.

EMAGNET was created for a legal purpose. This has caused ethical hackers to despise the tool, mainly because it encourages users to use "haveibeenpwned," which censors passwords. The developers of EMAGNET believe this is unjust. They think that everyone has the right to access their passwords or no one should have access. The owner of the project works for Microsoft and took up EMAGNET as a hobby project. It is questionable why they would have permission to access users' passwords and be allowed to sell API access for something that the users themselves do not have access to when searching for their own email.